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Hi, my name is Emelyn.

I’m the graphic designer behind Pixel Monkey. I started this little venture in 2012, a year after my second son came into this world. In the years before kids, I had completed a few design projects and really came to love the whole process. From the initial ideas bubbling away in my head, to the sketches, then the build and then finally seeing the finished product… everything about it gave me a real buzz! I definitely knew that this was the job for me.

And now, with many more projects under my belt, I still get that same buzz. I seriously LOVE this job!

I’m all about creating custom designs. I love getting to know what your business is all about, so I can inject that bit of personality into your projects. Whether you’re after a sleek, modern design, a warm, retro look, or even something a little more edgy, I’m here to bring those concepts to life!

Check out some of my work and see if Pixel Monkey is right for you!



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